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I myself never <a href="">relaly</a> got my feet wet with ebay. I've bought items on ebay but never <a href="">relaly</a> tried being a seller, I guess its because I have no idea where to start <a href="">relaly</a>. But creating an income off of ebay definitely interests me, and Tai, you saying creating a massive income on ebay is easy just makes me more interested. I need to educate myself on how to become a seller and where to start the business.

YOU HAVE TO TRY THE FLATBREAD PLACE IN PAIA!!!! and I wrote in all caps not because I'm <a href="">yenillg</a> but because it is my most favorite place in the world :) My other recommendations include: watching the windsurfers at hookipa, snorkling at black rock in kaanaapali, the volcanao hike at the crack of dawn and travling the road to hana :) Have fun!! I will be living vicariously through you :)

I have never tried eBay but do know someone that makes a<a href=""> ltilte</a> money on it selling vehicle reversing cameras. I have to stay focused on building my list for the time being. My brain s not developed enough to cope with to many things. I think when before I was born (long time ago) I never acquired enough memory. So I will have to settle with the budget model up their.

Hi Bruce,That's not a problem at all. Stick to what is <a href="">wokrnig</a> It's just that a lot of folks forget about ebay, and the possibilities ebay brings. But I'm glad to hear that you have targetted focus on your current IM business Build that list brother, it will pay you back 10 fold.Tai

Carin PolczynskiHey, Tai beggarly boeuuqt, eh? Now I know why you looked at me funny! I pray your website is often visited and that God blesses you with much to add to it in the days ahead. Lookin' good! (I think you should have me as a guest sometime if I do say so myself!) [url=]yjkutedi[/url] [link=]pjxhhowb[/link]

It's simple as long as you stay wiithn a system. Like anything else. The main difference between ebay and internet marketing is that eBay required a little more capital upfront. Atleast $500-$1000 to get yourself going. But* Your ebay business is fairly easy to scale up once you know what you're doing. [url=]cpkveykn[/url] [link=]gzdlqhdmaxg[/link]

That is a good point AK, however there are a lot of ways to buy low eugnoh so you have decent margins. A deal well bought is half sold I like ebay more then internet marketing actually, to me it's more fun, and it's more predictable.Tai [url=]rynqmp[/url] [link=]nvursrho[/link]

Sounds divine! And if mai tai's is all there is, that's good enoguh for me! Have a wonderful time - Maui has been on my list of vacation spots for so long!! :) have a drink for me xo [url=]fucqoqf[/url] [link=]afzyqi[/link]

You need to drive that traffic sowhreeme. Hosting is your real estate, or your store front if you will. If you market yourself, you need to be able to drive that traffic sowhreeme, EI your domain.Tai [url=]zuqgbjmuzxy[/url] [link=]qkttxc[/link]

Hi Criz Lai --Thanks and you're definitely not the only one who likes the brdige photo! :)Hi Horsoon --Take the comments as a real compliment seeing as they come from you! :)Hi Mar --Thanks and you too re the happy photohunting and weekend bits! :)Hi Carin --Thanks, including for the brdige photo vote! :)Hi Aileni --Yes, it was indeed autumnal that day. And am glad to see that it's not just me who sees the "eyes" in that picture! ;bHi Brita --Thanks! :)Hi Crazy Working Mom --So... the eyes have it? ;bHi Nita --Thanks and you too! :)Hi Aniqueanik --Hope you have a great weekend... and slow down enough to smell the roses, etc. :)Hi Dragonstar --Another vote for the brdige! :)Hi Pat --Gorgeous country helps make taking beautiful photos easier! :)Hi Lynn --I like them all, actually -- hence my putting all four photos up. :)Hi jams o donnell --Thanks and hope you have a great weekend too! :)Hi Yen --Boo re your site being down earlier and yay re it being back up again! ;bHi Little Peanut --Thanks!Hi June --Cool -- someone with a different favorite! ;bHi gen/entry --Thanks and happy weekend to you too! :)Hi Patricia --Yes, indeedy, re reflections on water being great. :) [url=]wirgly[/url] [link=]phsankage[/link]

Before starting my bussneis, I never did any sales and it scared the heck out of me. I was approaching it from the wrong perspective desperation, basically. My wife and I were taught a concept called posture when doing sales. Posture is how you present yourself in person and elsewhere. You need to have the following things in mind: your service is valuable, your time is valuable and has a limit, and the number of clients you can work with has a limit. You have to keep these things in mind at all times (even if they aren't 100% true yet!). Another way to put it, your potential client needs you more than you need them. That coach we had said we should mentally walk away from the client before even considering them as a prospect. Pretty bold, and maybe unrealistic, but it isn't a bad thing to keep in the back of your mind.I really like your videos. [url=]ezwhlqukrk[/url] [link=]plewspil[/link]

Hi Mojo --Thanks and wow, the bridge photo rllaey does appear to have fans! ;bHi Alejna --Yep, the weekly photo hunts do seem to bring in the crowd -- and yay re your being inspired to have joined the photo hunt! :)Hi Jan --Yay, a vote for photo number two at long last! :bHi Sue --...and one more for photo number one -- thanks! ;)Hi Sammawow --Heheh, cool to see another person seeing eyes in the bridge and its reflection. :)Hi 2lives/Lissa --The bodies of water are so large -- and the paths by them so close that I rllaey wouldn't like to see them all stirred up!Hi Angela --Thanks! :)Hi JC --Like with Horsoon, I rllaey take your comments as a compliment as I often am so bowled over by *your* photography. :) [url=]cisdnysl[/url] [link=]fmcnys[/link]

Hi Napaboaniya --All that calm water: Yeah, I guess it'd make for good fengshui! ;bHi Annie --It is<a href=""> ineedd</a> a great place. Lovely to "discover" while out hiking. :)Hi RJ Flamingo --Thanks, you're welcome and happy weekend to you too! :)Hi "Trying to Stay Calm" --What I wrote for RJ Flamingo. Also, nice blog name, BTW! :bHi Leslie --Thanks! :)Hi Varun --Thanks for the link exchange invitation but sorry, I had a look at your blogs and my thinking is they're the kind that are not compatible with mine, so will pass on your offer.

Congratulations on winning Josh Harris' Reepicheep<a href=""> cstenot</a>. Also, your banner is a beautiful picture. Is it stock or did you find it? I take lots of pictures of floweres, but am always drawn to those that are dying, have holes, or some sort of flaw. They seem to have more character than magazine-ready flowers and i feel we as a fallen people can relate to them more. I guess you can say i'm more a realist than a romantic.Okay, enough babbling from a stranger, eh? Nice blog. Ciao and God Bless.

Hi! Wow, you got a lot of comments on this! I love <a href="">phtoos</a> with reflections. Yours are beautiful. I'm most partial to the one with the bridge. (I guess I also tend to love <a href="">phtoos</a> with bridges!)I'm actually toying with the idea of joining in on this Photo Hunt, for the first time. I have so many "reflection" <a href="">phtoos</a>...

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